Spacious and comfortable Student Accommodation, situated on the beautiful island of Nevis.

A tranquil environment tailored for international scholars from around the Atlantic and beyond.

Close links to all necessary local ammenities, entertainment and further travel.

About us

We are UK owners of student accommodation on the beautiful island of Nevis. Situated by the nothern shore, close to the MUA and Mount Nevis Hotel, we offer spacious accommodation. With a studious atmosphere and plenty of home comforts, we provide peace of mind and support.

Over the years, we have hosted many satisfied tenants. We love playing our part in helping you pass your courses, or simply just soaking up the Caribbean atmosphere and enjoying the island.

Hailing from the UK, we recognise the importance of high standards. We pride ourselves on maintaining our safe, secure, clean and well furnished property. Helping us make all of this possible is our fantastic, friendly property manager; Myra Williams.


Hello and thank you for expressing your interest in Nevis Accommodation. We are the proud owners of this little slice of Nevis, here on the northern part of the island, close to the MUA.
Offering spacious accommodation, complete with home comforts and a studious atmosphere – we will provide as much as we can for you, allowing you to study with peace of mind and with our support.
Ian & Marianne


"This was the perfect place for me to get my head down and study, distraction-free, whilst using my free time to soak up the Caribbean paradise at a pace that suited me"

"I felt lucky to be sharing the house with my classmates. We had plenty of space to work in the same building, plus made the most of our surroundings regularly"

"My stay with Nevis Accommodation was one of my favourite experiences of all time. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to write my thesis in such wonderful surroundings"